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Sumikko Gurashi

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Dive into the Cozy Corners of Hello Japan's Sumikko Gurashi Collection

Welcome to the snug and comforting world of Sumikko Gurashi, brought to you by Hello Japan. Our Sumikko Gurashi Collection invites you into a realm where adorable characters cherish the quiet and comfort of corners, embodying the unique concept of finding happiness in the smallest, most unexpected places.

Meet the Sumikko Friends

At the heart of this collection are the Sumikkos, a group of endearing characters each with their own quirks and stories. From Shirokuma, a polar bear who finds solace in warmth away from the cold, to Tonkatsu, a tiny slice of pork cutlet left uneaten due to its fat content, these characters represent the essence of finding joy in being different. Join Penguin?, who wonders about its identity, Neko, the bashful cat, and Tokage, who masquerades as a lizard to hide its true dinosaur identity.

Embrace the World of Sumikko Gurashi

Our collection spans a variety of items, from plush toys that offer a warm hug to stationery that brings a touch of Sumikko charm to your daily routine. Each product is a passport to the gentle world of Sumikko Gurashi, where every corner holds a story of comfort and quiet joy.

Why Choose Hello Japan's Sumikko Gurashi Collection?

  • Authenticity: Immerse yourself in a carefully curated selection of genuine Sumikko Gurashi merchandise, directly from Japan.
  • Diversity: From the main characters, the Sumikkos, to their delightful sidekicks, the Minnikos, discover the wide array of personalities that make Sumikko Gurashi so special.
  • Connection: Share in the love for these charming characters with a community of fans who appreciate the subtle beauty of finding happiness in life's quiet moments.

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Join us at Hello Japan as we celebrate the quiet beauty of Sumikko Gurashi. This collection is more than just merchandise; it's an invitation to slow down, cherish the moment, and find joy in the cozy corners of life