Find out official and authentic studio Ghibli merch directly imported from Japan.

Hello Japan is constantly looking for the newest products in the official stores from Studio Ghibli to be delivered straight to your door. Studio Ghibli merch is mostly available in Japan only, but we are here for you, to provide an exclusive access to most of the products that we ship worldwide directly from Tokyo.

Make your choice among a large and various selection of products such as: 

-Totoro Plush

-Mononoke T-Shirt

-Ghibli posters

-Spirited away Mug

-My neighbor Totoro bag

-and any other goodies from Hayao Miyazaki’s universe !

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Hello Japan is dedicated to lovers of all Studio Ghibli goods! Based in Japan, our team are passionate about keeping you informed on the latest exciting Japanese trends, news and giveaways which you can become a part of! 

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