Dear customers,

In regard to the recent events, we felt the need to let you know more about us and the situation you and we are all going through.

The sanitary crisis has hit all of us pretty hard. Unfortunately, it was an unexpected and unpredictable event we all had to face and we hope you, your family, and friends are all doing well.


About Us

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience it has caused and is still causing all of us. However, we would like to remind you that Hello Japan is a human-sized company, and that’s why, unlike much bigger international companies, we can’t deliver products to everyone as quickly as we usually do.

The Hello Japan team handpicks and personally ships every single product you order.

As Japan was not spared by the crisis, you probably know this process became hard or even impossible for certain countries.


When Can I Expect To Receive My Products?

Indeed, we can’t ship products abroad as easily as before and even for the countries to which we can send products, it takes longer than usual.

All of the actors involved in the shipping process, from us to the Japanese post, without forgetting about international posts were impacted, thus explaining the problems with the late deliveries.

Concerning the United States, until now, it was impossible to ship products with the Japan Post but we recently signed a deal with DHL Japan and will start delivering to the US again soon, however this deal will be temporary and will include extra fees. You can also wait for the situation to get back to normal and receive your product once it has.

Please do not forget that we work hard and give our best to make you happy with our products, but there is way more than money or products at stake

We value our customers more than anything, however, at the moment the situation prevents us from doing quite a few things we would usually do very easily.

Our employees are also having to get used to working in different conditions from usual due to the situation, as we can not and do not want to put them at risk. Working from home made things a bit harder but we are now set and ready for this challenge! 

We hope that once everything comes back to normal we can prove to you that you made the right choice by choosing us!

Wishing you all a good day,

The Hello Japan Team

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