A combination of Pokéball and Pokémon arrives at Hello Japan with the Pokémon Center's BALL FREAK collection!

BALL FREAK the Pokéball and Pokémon collection!

A new collection has emerged on Hello Japan! A combination of Pokéball and Pokémon straight from the Pokémon Center! A range of original items with document protectors, soft toys, straps, ties and other accessories! You will inevitably find your happiness if you are a pokéfan!

A beautiful collection
A colorful collection with different types of pokemon, legendary, magical, lunar, ... Various products that will be useful to you on a daily basis!

Pokémon Straps with their Pokéball !

Pretty Pokémon straps from the collection that you can hang on your backpack, hand ... You can also accessorize your keys by hanging your favorite Pokémon!

Originals and colorful socks !

Pretty pairs of Pokémon patterned socks! Colorful and tall, you won't get cold feet with these!

Stationery is also available, document protectors Clear files, masking tape, ... 

If you love fashion, you'll love the new Pokémon ties! Stay Fashion with pretty simple and elegant ties in the company of your pokemon!

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