A new gourmet collection "Mawhip in fashion" appears at Hello Japan!

Alcremie is voted the next star of the next Pokémon Center products!

On Saturday, April 10th, "Mawhip à la mode" - Mawhip, Alcremie in Japanese. Arrives with a colorful collection with candy, at the Pokémon Center! Alcremie will appear in 7 different colors!

"Mawhip à la mode" The perfect collection for foodies!

A nice collection for your kitchen will be available, transform yourself into king or the queen of pastry in the company of Pokémon!

When you serve your desserts you will impress your friends with these accessories, crockery in the image of the adorable Pokémon Alcremie! It will bring sweetness to your tastes and color your table

A nice folding mirror will also be available with the shape of Alcremie "heart" and pastries, very useful you can carry it everywhere to make you a little beauty!

Stunning Alcremie straps in 7 colors will be collectible! Hanging on your backpack or hand this adorable Pokémon will add softness and color to your daily life!

A glove and a kawaii and colorful apron will be in this beautiful collection! It's the perfect uniform to practice in the kitchen and serve your cakes beautifully dressed!

Pokémon of the 8th generation (of the Galar region), fairy type it looks like a whipped cream. Its head resembles several strokes of whipped cream assembled to form a hairstyle with two fringes on the sides of the face and two buns surmounting them, these can be adorned with strawberries, blueberries, clovers or different kinds of sweets, depending on the one that his Trainer gave him at the time of his evolution. Alcremie has 63 distinct forms.

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