Discover the new ceramic collaboration of the Pokémon Center and artist Yakushi Kiln

Tauros, Meowth and Pikachu arrive in ceramic to decorate your homes!

An adorable collaboration Pokémon center and Yakushi Kiln

The Pokemon Center collaborates with Yakushi Kiln, a brand of ceramic craft manufacturer Nakagai Ceramic Garden Co., Ltd., which expresses traditional pottery with modern sensibilities! "Ceramic decoration" that shines the skill of the craftsman, will appear in Pokémon Center on November 28, 2020 but also pre-order at Hello Japan from today!

Meowth of Galar and Kanto will bring you good luck!

Looks like Maneki-Neko but in Pokémon. These adorable Meowth will bring happiness and luck to your home but above all a "Kawaii" side!!

Tauros and Pikachu will look after your house!

A beautiful scene of these two pokémons that are very different, the strength of Tauros protected your home and the irresistible Pikachu will bring lightness to this ornament. Designed by the popular illustrator Atsuko Nidaka.

A pretty Pikachu ornament bearing Miltank milk

 A Pikachu design bearing a bottle of milk from the pokémon Miltank, and when you shake it gently, the soft tone sounds nicely. Especially take it delicately it is also fragile!

Find the collection 
Pokémon center x Yakushi Kiln
now at Hello Japan!

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