Find the daily life of Piplup with the new collection of the Pokémon Center!

"Pochama's daily life" The new collection of the Pokémon Center arrives at Hello Japan!

A new collection will soon see the light of day at the Pokémon Center! "Pochama's daily life" a special collection on the daily life of the cute little water type pokémon Piplup!

Piplup is a small light blue Pokémon that looks like a penguin with a thick feather down to insulate it from the cold. It has a dark blue head with a mostly white face and a small yellow beak. The feathers of the top of his head extend all along his back until they form his tail, as well as around his neck, which gives the impression that he is wearing a cape.

It has two white and oval spots on its belly as well as a light blue pattern between its two eyes and above its beak that resembles a crown. It has arms that resemble yellow fins and feet with three toes each.

Key ring to collect!

Nice Piplup key rings and those friends to hang on your backpack will be available! You will be able to collect all the models with different pokémon!

Piplup and Alolan Vulpix pouchs!

Store your personal calls in these pretty Piplup and Alolan Vulpix pouches

Piplup bath mats!

Customize your bathroom with this superb bath mat with Piplup's head!


Perfect for your tastes with friends, you can enjoy desserts with these pretty pokémon cutlery!

Somen Bowl

A Piplup on an iceberg can be part of your table decoration! An adorable bowl somen will add originality during your dinners!

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