Furnish your favourite rooms with "Cellutane Co x Pokémon" chairs and cushions!

Ditto, Snorlax, PokéBalls... Customize your bedroom with the collection of the Japanese brand Cellutane Co x Pokémon!

Super Ball and Honor Ball appear in Ottoman!

A soft and comfortable material!

Pearls are used indoors for content, so it is soft and safe! It is comfortable to sit and can be used as a cushion.

A washable cover!

The cover can be removed, so you can wash it even if it gets dirty. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to lift and easy to clean.

To match with the beautiful Ditto chair!

Any big Pokémon fan will want to complete this magnificent collection with the Ditto chair! You'll be able to lie down and pause your feet on PokéBall cushions!

Ditto and Snorlax turn into armchairs!!

Both Pokémon transform into a beautiful chair not only adorable but above all comfortable! With these armrests, you're sure to relax.


Let's relax with the whole body. The lid can be removed and washed. The contents are made of beads, so it's light to carry and easy to clean!!

Find the entire "Cellutane Co x Pokémon" collection now at Hello Japan!

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