Galar's new Pokémon stuffed animals are coming to Hello Japan!

Pokemon playing an active role in [Pokemon Sword Shield] appeared stuffed!!

On Saturday, December 5, Pokémon Center will release three new galar Pokémon stuffed animals!

The three pokémons are Galarian Meowth, Perrserker and Applin!

Galarian Meowth in the spotlight!

If you've been a Meowth fan since the first generation, you'll need to have this stuffed animal in order to complete your collection and have it in all these forms!

Perrserker, the Viking cat!

Discover the evolution of Galarian Meowth with Berserkatt! Berserkatt is inspired by a cat and the stereotypical imagery of the Vikings.

Applin, the dragon apple and plant!

Applin, the small worm-like pokémon, is the lightest and smallest Dragon-type Pokémon. He lives in an apple that serves as a shelter, a source of food and protection against pokémon birds!!

These stuffed pokémons from the "Sword and Shield" switch games will be available from December 5, 2020 but you can pre-order them from now on at Hello Japan!

Discover galar's "Sword and Shield" Pokémon stuffed animals at Hello Japan !!!

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