Gorgeous goods featuring mimoza bouquets appear at the Pokémon Center!

A Pokémon collection tinged with the colors of Mimosa arrives at Hello Japan!

On Saturday, March 27, beautiful products containing bouquets of mimoza, including products from the Moleskine brand of laptops, will appear at the Pokémon Center!

In addition to the pouches, bags, kitchen products this collection will also contain pretty yellow stationery.

Products for lunch include a cooling bag that can be used as a sub-bag and is convenient, as well as thermos soup jars and bento cups. In addition, there are many goods that can be used in office and daily use, such as business card cases and holsters for your glasses! 

A Moleskine backpack!

Collaborative products with Moleskine, a brand that inherits legendary notebooks beloved by artists and thinkers, are now available!

On the surface of the bright orange-brown bag, Pikachu with a bouquet of mimozas was printed.

Inside the bag you will see spring mimozas flowers and Pokemon art!

An Isotherm bag!

A very useful Isotherme bag for your picnic!

If you remove the inner cooling pocket, you can use it as a handbag!

Mug with his lid!

Mimoza and Pokemon are designed as spring, a cup with a lid appears!

Can't be dishwashered, dish-dryer, microwave, oven.

ID card strap!

A nice strap with a pouch to put your ID card or transport inside!

Pokémon zips!

Attach it to the zipper of the bag or pouch and take it with you! 

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