New Pokémon accessories are appearing at Hello Japan!

Accessorize your style with the new Pokémon Center jewelry!

Beautiful Pokémon Center accessories are now available at Hello Japan!

A unique collection for Pokéfans and fashion victims who want to customize their look and thus have a kawaii style!

Knot that will also hold your mask!

It is a nice navy blue knot that is useful but also very pretty and simple. With a small pikachu head on it, this knot can also hold your mask properly!

Pokémon Pinch!

Pretty pliers arrived at Hello Japan, Mimikyu,alcremie... And many more! Very useful for holding the rebellious locks or when you make up!

Rubber bands 

Pretty elastics are also present with for example this pretty accessory Galarian Ponyta ! Straw and in the tones of the pokémon added a touch of kawaii in your style!

Alcremie support!

Put away all these accessories neatly what a joy! Not only cute but also useful this Alcremie holder will be able to hold your jewelry while remaining a beautiful decorative object!


Vulpix and Torchic join the party with these beautiful solar earrings in orange red colors 

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