Perfect for a present! Special Pikachu stuffed toy appeared!

Make an amazing gift to your partner or friend by offering a nice Pikachu plush!

These Pikachu will be this year's favorite gifts!

On Saturday, November 28, two types of Pikachu plush toys perfect for gifts will appear at the Pokemon Center!

"Oki Special Plush Pikachu" is a special plush toy with a comfortable, shiny fabric, plump softness, a clinging volume feel, and a bright red ribbon and gold-plated buttons. 

The Pokémon Precious One plush toy is a Pikachu with a gift box, so it's a good idea to put small items and letters inside !!!

A 60cm plush !!!!

A huge 60 cm plush is also available! An adorable and collector's plush that will decorate your room with a cute touch!

Discover Christmas gifts and Pikachu stuffed animals that are perfect as gifts for special days. The products are now available at Hello Japan !!!

Find the two beautiful Pikachu plush toys in the Pokémon Precious One collection at Hello Japan!!

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