Newly added to the Pokémon x Nanoblock products list: Slowpoke and Farfetch'd!

Come discover the universe of Nanoblocks through Pokémon and vice versa.

Get beautiful figures you will be able to display everywhere in your house!

Pokémon fans will be able to assemble some of their favorite Pokémons thanks to Nanoblocks, a line of construction toys manufactured by Kawada.

The toy company based in Tokyo, Japan offers amazing Pokémon goodies and we at Hello Japan can't wait for you to try them!

Will you go for the cute Mew?

Or maybe are you more of a fire type Pokémons lover, then you would maybe prefer a Moltres or a Charizard?

And don't miss out on the Nanoblock Minipocket Monster Series Boxes! Get pocket versions you can carry around wherever you go!

Check out our Pokémon products, and you will for sure find one that will make you happy!

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