A new pattern appears in the design of the Pokemon of the compact bag "Shupatto"!

Compact bags come straight from the Pokémon Center!

On Saturday, October 9, a new Pokemon design pattern from the compact "Shupatto" bag a handy folding bag with shupatto will appear in the Pokemon Center!

Four new models are available.

We already had Shupatto Pokémon bags but new patterns have arrived! And will be available for pre-order from today!

Foldable bags holding in the palm of your hand!

These bags that fit together as soon as both ends are pulled and fit in the palm of your hand when you fold them. Anyone can easily fold them into a small package.

This very convenient bag to put in the corner of your bag or pocket, will be handy when you want to do unexpected shopping or shopping. Let's avoid plastic bags and get all Shupatto bags to avoid plastic bags!

There are three sizes: S, M and L. You can use it depending on the clothes and use.

How do I fold a Shuppato bag?

It is very simple to turn a large Shuppato bag into a small square that is easy to carry! 

1- Pull the ribbon from both sides at the same time

2- Fold it in half so that the two ends fit together again

3- Fold half and complete with the button. Simple isn't it?

Size S

Size M

Size L

The new Shupatto bags are now on pre-order and will be available from October 9, 2021!

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