The famous Tokyo Banana delicacies in collaboration with the Pokémon Center available at Hello Japan!

The famous Tokyo Banana fluffy cake in collaboration with the Pokémon Center !!!

Pokémon Tokyo Banana arrives at Hello Japan!

The series "Pokemon Tokyo Banana" has just appeared! The first is "Pikachu Tokyo Banana" by Cute Max.

Pikachu will electrify you with happiness!

The famous fluffy sponge cake baked in a Pikachu style is full of banana cream/custard style.

A little moment of delight in your day

This cupcake will delight your taste buds during your day. You'll be looking forward to snack time to see your favourite little yellow pokémon!

An adorable gluttony

A pikachu image is printed on, not only good, cute and original. You won't see this kind of cake everywhere it's a unique model!

It's the perfect gift.

There are six Pikachu models in total! What Pikachu will you be lucky enough to have?

If you get a rare heart tail pattern, you will be very lucky!! So try them all !!!

General sale: Thursday, December 10

Try the delicious Pokémon Tokyo Banana with Hello Japan!!

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