Two new Gigantamax Plush are available in preorder in Hello Japan !

New Gigamax plush toys are now available for pre-order!

On Saturday, July 17, two soft toys straight from the Galarian region arrive in the Pokémon Center!

In the spotlight you can find Gengar and Snorlax, two gigantic pokémon in their Gigantamax forms!


Snorlax the sleeping pokémon will be delighted to be in your room to sleep on your bed! Snorlax Gigantamax looks like a gigantic and permanently sleepy version of Snorlax. A tree has also grown on it and Snorlax feeds directly on the berries that fall from it. A path crosses his belly.


The famous teasing Gengar will be able to show all his power in his favorite room! The lower part of his body disappeared into the ground. His arms emerge in front of him and are erect upwards. His mouth takes on gigantic proportions, with a very straight dentition. The lower jaw is close to the ground and its throat extends like a long tunnel. From it emerges a long tongue. His eyes are yellow and bright. It also has a dark tail at the back of the body.

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