Who is behind Hello Japan, your favorite online Japanese Store ?

Partnered with many local prestigious Japanese suppliers, Hello Japan is dedicated to lovers of all Japanese goods! Based in Japan, our team are passionate about keeping you informed on the latest exciting Japanese trends, news and giveaways which you can become a part of! 

Our promise 

With this online Japanese Store, our promise is to provide you easy access to the latest, highest quality authentic Japanese products: anime, fashion, stationery, health, beauty, food and beverage products reliably and instantly from Japan. 

We always make sure to provide you an access to the products for sale in Japan only to the rest of the world with the lowest price and fast availability.

Our lifelong ambition is to become the foundation for all passionate content creators who need a helping hand with reaching out to a more international audience with this Japanese store. Hello Japan, strives to become the central base in which content creators can display their passionate works to the world. 

Our team

Behind this Japanese store, the team is composed by various profiles and personalities to fill all the attempts of Hello Japan’s community. From CEO, marketing director, designer, to all the various partners here in Japan, you can make a face over the names just down under !

Our partners

We are running various projects related to the Japanese goods, such as:

For monthly subscription box : My Japan Box

For Japanese fashion: Tokyo Street style

For Japanese blogging: Japan Community





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