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Pokemon Kanazawa Open Memorial Set

Pokemon Kanazawa Open Memorial Set

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In 2020 Pokemon opened a new store in Kanazawa, Japan. To commemorate this special day, the Kanazawa Open Memorial box was launched in a unique Japanese fashion. This set is only limited to customers who visited the store on the first day! As the stock was extremely limited, this is one of the rarest sets in Pokemon TCG history and comes with a uniquely Japanese style design. The set includes:

- 3x Rebellion Crash Booster Packs
- 3x Infinity Zone Booster Packs
- 3x Astonishing Volt Tackle Booster Packs
- 3x Flame Walker Booster Packs
- 3x Legendary Heartbeat Booster Packs
- 4x Shiny Star V Booster Packs
- 1x Promo card 145/S-P "Milotic" (Mirrorfoil)
- 1x Promo card 146/S-P "Sobble" (Mirrorfoil)
- 1x Promo card 147/S-P "Kanazawa's Pikachu" (Mirrorfoil)
- 1x Card Storage box
- 1x Deck Sleeves Kanazawa store opening commemoration (64 sleeves)

Grab this set before it's too late!

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